London Fashion Week with Fault Magazine and Palmer//Harding

This self-proclaimed ‘anti-fashion’ design duo find beauty in the simple things. Amidst the flashy fabrics and bold colours that dominated London Fashion Week, palmer // harding’s quietly stunning designs were a breath of fresh air.   Levi Palmer spoke to FAULT about the concept behind their latest collection, their collaboration with photographer Christy Lee Rogers, and why he and his partner have chosen to buck the trend.

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Panthera Onca
Panthera Onca



Rogers’ Reckless Unbound in GUP Magazine Online


As seen in GUP Magazine – Guide to Unique Photography

Christy Lee Rogers reshapes the boundaries between contemporary photography and painting, with her series Reckless Unbound. While provoking the audience with vivacious movements and purpose, she also stirs the viewer’s memories of baroque painter Pieter Paul Rubens and his Massacre of the Innocents…. more

“The Innocents”